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Dear Friends of the Alfred Landecker Foundation,

It is with great pleasure that I take over as Chair of the Governing Council and Head of the Alfred Landecker Foundation, effective August 1 of this year.

As my first act, I would like to express thanks to my predecessor, David Kamenetzky, to whom I feel closely connected, for the great dedication he showed in establishing the Foundation. As our founding chair, his service to the Alfred Landecker Foundation was invaluable—not only when it came to making rapid progress with the Foundation’s organisational setup, but also with regard to helping its first projects get underway. Now that this first phase has come to a successful conclusion, we respect David’s decision to give up his role in the Foundation and return to the United States with his family. We wish him all the best as he begins this new chapter. At the same time, we sincerely hope to continue the exchange in the future with him on the other side of the Atlantic to advance our shared values and goals.

Together with CEO Dr. Andreas Eberhardt and the whole team at the Foundation, I am delighted to usher in the next phase. The Alfred Landecker Foundation will continue to follow the path it has set for itself while making every effort to shape the current political situation in accordance with the Foundation’s purpose. We aim to help keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and to draw motivation from it to enlighten ourselves and others in order to combat antisemitic, racist, and antidemocratic trends. In terms of operational and funding activities, the Alfred Landecker Foundation seeks to do its part to preserve and expand a pluralist society.

Acting out of deep conviction, I will do my best to make these aims a reality, together with the team and the various committees and bodies of the Foundation.

Best regards,

Dan Diner


Dan Diner

Chair of the Foundation and its Governing Council

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