Introducing the
2020 Landecker Democracy Fellows

The 2020 Landecker Democracy Fellowship supports 30 rising activists, community leaders and young professionals in turning innovative ideas into tangible solutions for the disruptions to democratic spaces in times of Covid-19.

Drawing from the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States, the Fellows’ goals range from closing the digital divide and empowering migrant care workers, to finding new ways for people to talk about politics and current affairs.

The final projects - selected, through a rigorous interview process, from a pool of more than 260 applicants - each endeavour to create social justice and fairer societies, giving individuals and communities an opportunity for a better quality of life through digital, physical, educational and social methods.

Over the course of a year, Fellows will be provided financial support, guidance and training to increase their individual impact on political discourses, policy making and social realities.

Introducing this year’s fellows:

Adam Echelman

Adam, from the US, is the Executive Director of Libraries Without Borders. His project aims to raise awareness around the digital divide by sharing stories of people who have limited access.

Asha Iman Veal

Asha is a Fellow at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago. She is developing a multicultural interpretation of Raisin in the Sun to inspire discourse on identity and migration.

Asha Shajahan

Asha is a Medical Director of Community Health in the US. She is developing a fact-checking tool with evidence-based resources to help doctors in dealing with misinformation about COVID-19.

Boglarka Fedorko

Boglarka is an Activist, Campaigner and Facilitator currently based in Budapest. She is launching a talk show series, offering people who face discrimination an opportunity to share their perspectives.

Catherine Neilan

Catherine is a Journalist and Politics Live Editor at The Telegraph. She is creating an online platform that brings people from different backgrounds together to discuss current events, such as COVID-19.

Christiana Bukalo

Christiana, from Germany, is a Senior Diversity and Sustainability Manager. She is developing an online platform that builds a digital bridge between state-free people, activists and initiatives.

DeLesslin George-Warren

DeLesslin is a queer Artist, Researcher, and Organizer from the US. His project supports the creation of opensource software that can be used by native communities to address their (digital) needs.

Erica Dorn

Erica, from the US, is a Researcher and Social Systems Choreographer. She is developing ‘Relational Places Residency Program’, to connect individuals living in different economic and geographical contexts.

Evein Rosa Obulor

Evein is a Coordinator at the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism in Germany. She is creating a network for BIPoC, working in administrative institutions.

Flavia Iulia Matei

Flavia is an Architect in Austria. She is empowering Romanian care-workers in Austria by strengthening their networks and providing them with tools to self-organize and mobilize.

Iason Apostolopoulos

Iason, from Greece, is a Field Coordinator at Mediterranea Saving Humans. His project aims to increase search and rescue efforts and raise awareness of human rights violations in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ignacy Niemczycki

Ignacy is from Poland and an Expert in Communication and European Affairs. He is launching a campaign to educate people, specifically younger and older citizens, on social media disinformation.

Ireen Kars

Ireen, from the Netherlands, is a Consultant. She is raising awareness among international business leaders about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the societal consequences of COVID-19.

Jeannette Gusko

Jeanette is a System Change Leader and a Social Justice and Gender Equality Advocate. She is launching several political initiatives for migrant first-generation students in East Germany.

Katarzyna Słubik

Katarzyna is President of the Association for Legal Intervention in Warsaw. She is developing online tools that will enable migrants and refugees to submit legal documents.

Laura Westring

Laura is a Speech Writer and Leadership Communications Consultant from Scotland. She is developing a Speech Writing School to support young people from diverse backgrounds.

Lena Bielska

Lena, from Poland, is a certified Wen-Do Trainer, Human Rights Educator and the Founder of HerStory Foundation. She aims to connect human rights activists with people experiencing discrimination.

Lievnath Faber

Lievnath is a Jewish scholar and Programmer from Amsterdam. She is connecting Jewish activists with the wider activist community to create diverse spaces in the fight against discrimination and antisemitism.

Nikolaos Vrantsis

Nikolaos, from Sweden, is an Assistant Researcher of Social Sustainability of Alternative Housing Models. His project aims to resolve housing options for relocated refugees from the Greek islands.

Noufel Bouzeboudja

Currently living in France, Noufel is a Writer and Artist from North Africa. He’s creating #PremiereLigne, an online platform, sharing the stories of 'everyday #COVID-19 heroes residing in the banlieue in Paris.

Nushin Yazdani

Nushin is an Artist, Researcher and Creator of learning methods in Berlin. She is creating a digital space where technology, art, community and vision come together to work towards social change.

Reshma Persaud

Reshma is a Portfolio Manager at the US International Rescue Committee. She is supporting the South Queens Women’s March by organizing events for those who have issues exacerbated by COVID-19.

Sharon Chin

Sharon, from New York, is Executive Director and Founder of Create Sanctum. She is gathering artists to create artworks that disrupt though-patterns and remind individuals that their voice matters.

Tara Dickman

Tara, from France, is the Co-Founder of LeNext Level. She is developing training modules in community organization and strategic campaign design for individuals from minority backgrounds.

Thomas Arnold

Thomas Arnold, from Germany, is an Assistant Professor Philosophy. He’s creating a Public Philosophy Program to train individuals to notice (ir)rationality in public discourse and behavior.

Tomasz Cebulski

Tomasz, from Poland, is a Genealogist and Founder of POLINTRAVEL. He is developing learning modules to enable students to study local history and heritage sites across Poland.

Tsione Wolde-Michael

Tsione is Curator of African American Social Justice History in the US. She is creating “Monumental Histories”, a project designed to diversify the field of heritage work.

Vincent Kadiri

Vincent is a Nigerian-German Scientist. He is establishing a grassroots network of BIPoC scientists to showcase existing diversity via podcasts and YouTube to inspire youth.

Vlad Dumitrescu

Vlad, from Romania, is a Program Manager at the Civil Society Development Foundation. Their project aims to encourage local youth groups to participate in politics and society nation-wide.

Zawdie Sandvliet

Zawdie is a Professor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is providing communities with the necessary devices and skills needed to follow virtual education in COVID-19 times.

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