Job opening: We are looking for a Political Communications Manager

The Alfred Landecker Foundation is looking for a Political Communications Manager. The foundation exists to defend open and liberal societies and strengthen democratic institutions that safeguard our freedoms.

It was founded in 2019 in response to the rising trends of populism, nationalism and skepticism towards democratic frameworks. Given the amounting incidents of antisemitism and hatred towards minorities, the foundation is convinced that the lessons of the past should be more than just hollow platitudes. It is therefore committed to turning those lessons into active engagement in the present and in the future.

What we look for

  • You hold a relevant university degree
  • You have a minimum of five years’ professional experience in journalism or political communication
  • You have a connection to, and expertise in, at least one of the focus areas: antisemitism, democracy promotion, remembrance culture, or protection of minorities
  • You possess excellent language skills, both in German (native-speaker level) and English; knowledge of other languages a plus
  • You possess a well-developed knack for innovative and unconventional approaches to communication
  • You have an excellent grasp of digital and sociopolitical trends and their relevance to the development of democratic structures
  • You have social media expertise—both in terms of creating content and ideally also coming up with a social media strategy for individual sites
  • You have a good instinct for sensitive issues and possess expertise in crisis communication
  • You have a deep understanding of current political debates in Germany, Europe, Israel and the US, as well as of the players involved and where they stand on issues
  • You are highly motivated and demonstrate great initiative
  • You have strong soft skills and are a team player

What you will be doing

  • You will actively assist the Head of External Relations in developing and running innovative communications that target audiences both within and outside the Foundation
  • You will design and run high-publicity campaigns to spotlight the work of the Foundation
  • You will prepare press releases and newsletters
  • You will communicate independently on social networks, which will include creating your own content, presenting findings, and making statements on political issues
  • You will look after the website
  • You will regularly evaluate the results of the Foundation’s communication efforts and develop optimization strategies
  • You will identify niches for the Foundation suitable for distinguishing established players
  • You will grow the Foundation’s network in the fields of politics, civil society, and the media by making and drawing on your own contacts

Outcomes within the first year

  • You will have made an appreciable contribution to assuring and enhancing the quality of the Foundation’s communications
  • You will have designed new formats and ways of presenting information that underscore the Foundation’s innovative approach
  • You will have achieved a measurable increase in the number of followers on those social media sites where the Foundation already has a page or profile
  • You will have established the Foundation on new platforms that are relevant to our target groups

Applications should consist of a CV, a cover letter, and relevant job references. The files should not exceed 8 MB in total. Please submit applications by November 2, 2020, to Silke Muelherr:

Our topics

Combat antisemitism

Strengthen democracy

Protect minorities

Depolarize debates

Confront the past

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