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Investigation on the cutting edge of technology.

Enabling tech-driven research

to uncover


Enabling tech-driven research

to uncover wrong-doing


To preserve and strengthen democracy in the digital age, the Alfred Landecker Foundation supports journalists, legal experts and civil society at large to be equipped with credible, robust information.

In cooperation with the tech team of the international research collective Bellingcat, a global community of diverse open-source investigators are able to use new technologies to piece together evidence in a transparent way. Most recently, in the current war in Ukraine, Bellingcat team is collecting online data to detect potential war crimes.

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Bellingcat, as an independent international collective of researchers, investigators, and citizen journalists, are working to ensure accurate and reliable information is collated to hold power to account. They inspire and support a global community to conduct high-quality, responsible, and transparent open-source investigations anywhere in the world. Bellingcat’s open-source investigation methods uncover issues and are based on an understanding of how online platforms, networks, and online tools work, providing researchers with tools that empower them to enrich their efficiency and scope of research.
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Introducing BellingTech & Ukraine Accountability Archive

Introducing BellingTech & Ukraine Accountability Archive:
Enabling tech-driven research to uncover wrong-doing.

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