Digital Democratic Ukraine

Establishing digital infrastructures to sustain democracy in Ukraine

Creating digital infrastructures

for the Ukrainian people

to strengthen their democracy

Creating digital infrastructures

for the Ukrainian people

to strengthen their democracy


The goal of Digital Democratic Ukraine is to create a robust, digital infrastructure that supports Ukrainian citizens both abroad and on Ukrainian soil.

The platform shall be designed in cooperation with representatives from Ukrainian civil society to ensure the country has a foundation for rebuilding its democracy in the post-war period.

The project's intention is to strengthen Ukrainian civil society, and with the help of the German Marshall Fund’s (GMF) expertise, will be able to navigate through the evolution of the war, plausible next stages and possible policy responses.

The Alfred Landecker Foundation supports the GMF’s endeavours to establish a platform for Digital Democratic Ukraine.

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Introducing Digital Democratic Ukraine

Introducing Digital Democratic Ukraine:

Creating a digital platform to maintain Ukraine’s democratic & independent statehood.

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