Intellectual Journeys

Fostering a new generation of intellectual leaders

The Intellectual Journeys program at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute gives undergraduate students the opportunity to analyze intellectual and philosophical ideas concerning current affairs in Israel and abroad, and to connect those ideas to the actual social and political situation.

The program seeks to create an environment allowing participants to engage with one another while remaining true to their identities and values. Fellows come from all sectors of Israeli society; including Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Muslims, and Christians, religious and secular, and they come from across Israel, from the center of the country and the periphery.

Developing action projects

Fellows are selected to participate in the program during the summer semester before they begin their academic studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv University. The program is open for students from all disciplines and starts during the summer with seminars, lectures, and tutorials, as well as writing workshops, tours, meetings with social activists, cultural events, and other social activities.

During the academic year, students continue to receive support and guidance from the program as they continue working on an action project, the subject of which is eventually translated into a social initiative on their university campus.

Explore what we do

Confront the past

Combat antisemitism

Protect minorities

Strengthen democracy

Reinforce critical thinking

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