Who we are

Our mission
The Alfred Landecker Foundation focuses on securing the future of democratic and open societies in which individuals have the space and knowledge to participate and unfold their potential.

We believe in the values on which the European Union was founded and are determined to foster democratic structures. Our team is committed to upholding the memory of the Holocaust and to translating the lessons of the past into active engagement in the present. We want to contribute to shaping the debate on key challenges of our time.

We are independent

and determined

We are


and determined

The foundation is set up independently

The day-to-day business is driven by the Foundation Team, which is responsible for fostering partnerships, identifying initiatives that are worthwhile supporting and for generating new and innovative projects.

The strategic and operational decisions are supervised by the Governing Council, which consists of a majority of internationally recognized civic leaders and academic experts. They guide the implementation of the Foundation’s activities and programs and oversee its direction.

The Academic Council advises on the direction and nature of academic grants and projects and ensures independent and robust scrutiny of the Foundation’s activities from an academic point of view.

Foundation Team
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Andreas Eberhardt

Founding Director and CEO
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Silke Muelherr

Head of External Relations and Deputy CEO
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Lena Altman

Chief Administrative Officer and Deputy CEO
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Agnieszka Schauff

Office Manager
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Luisa Maria Schweizer

Program Director
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Derviş Hızarcı

Program Director
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Alexander Busold

Program Manager
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Benjamin Fischer

Program Manager
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Governing Council
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Dan Diner

Chair of the Foundation and its Governing Council
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Ngaire Woods

Vice Chair of the Foundation
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Stuart Eizenstat

American diplomat and attorney
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Dietmar Mueller-Elmau

CEO and owner of Schloss Elmau
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Rachel Salamander

Literary scholar, publicist and cultural commentator
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Peter Harf

Founder and Managing Partner of JAB Investors
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Joschka Fischer

Former Foreign Minister of Germany
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Martin Reimann

The voice of the Reimann family in the Foundation
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Eldar Shafir

Director of Princeton’s Behavioral Science and Public Policy and Professor of Behavioral Science and Public Policy at Princeton University
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Norbert Frei

Chair of the Academic Council and Member of the Foundation's Governing Council
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Academic Council
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Norbert Frei

Chair of the Academic Council
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Stefanie Schüler-Springorum

Vice-Chair, Academic Council
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Sybille Steinbacher

Director of the Fritz Bauer Institute
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Cilly Kugelmann

Chief Curator of the new permanent exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin
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Jonathan Wolff

Professor für Werte und Public Policy
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What we do

Our cause
We want to secure the future of democratic and open societies in which citizens have the chance to participate and the space and knowledge to disagree. Above all, we want to ensure that the destructive violence that lead to the atrocities of the past is understood and confronted.

Time for action
The Alfred Landecker Foundation seeks to cooperate with innovative partners who share our values and our approach.

We want to promote projects that enable individuals and that have a lasting impact. In order to do so, we will not shy away from risks and seek unconventional methods and partners.

Looking for partnerships?

A quick overview of how we fund and what projects we support

Our funding guidelines

Why we exist

Defend open and liberal societies
Antisemitism and hatred directed against minorities, growing skepticism among citizens towards democratic institutions, and the increasing polarization of public debates are putting the future of our open society in jeopardy.

To counteract these trends, the Reimann family has created the Alfred Landecker Foundation. The Reimann family will initially support the Foundation with 250 million euros over the next ten years.

The Alfred Landecker Foundation aims to raise awareness of the conditions that paved the way for and enabled the Holocaust to occur, and to combat antisemitism in the here and now.

Rising populist

and nationalist movements


democratic structures







Rebuild democracy

With a resurgence of populism and nationalism in all Western democracies, attacks on democratic structures are increasing - both internally and externally. Hatred, prejudice, and indifference are only deepening the rifts, exacerbated by economic and health crises.

We firmly believe that all people have the right to live without fear and persecution. What is more, we believe that they should be able to fulfill themselves freely in an open society, according to their individual inclinations, interests, and life stories.

For this to be possible, we need a reliable framework to protect our freedoms. Illiberal forces are increasingly calling this framework into question, however. It is therefore time for political leaders and civil society to actively work to guarantee our life together in democratic coexistence, and the Alfred Landecker Foundation intends to do its part.

Democracies die

in silence

and ignorance



in silence



Our story

The Reimann family wants to take the lessons learned from the collapse of European civilization under National Socialism and turn them into active engagement in the here and now

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Who was Alfred Landecker? Mannheim, April 24, 1942. Two Gestapo officers knock on the door of the Landecker family’s home...

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Our topics

Combat antisemitism

Strengthen democracy

Protect minorities

Depolarize debates

Confront the past