CeMAS receives substantial continuation funding from the Alfred Landecker Foundation

Berlin, May 17, 2023

The impact of conspiracy narratives, right-wing extremism, antisemitism, and disinformation in the digital space is often misjudged and downplayed.

In March 2021, the nonprofit organization CeMAS was founded with the goal of empowering people to deal with such anti-democratic and dehumanizing threats through providing evidence-based information. After the initial grant by the Alfred Landecker Foundation, CeMAS will now receive follow-up funding until the end of 2025, which will ensure the organization's continued sustainable work.

Early warning system for democracy to be further expanded

In times of multiple global crises, the influence of harmful and anti-democratic ideologies and actors is increasing. In the digital space, the danger is often only recognized and addressed when it has already manifested itself in analog ways.

CeMAS counteracts this development by identifying and analyzing trends and movements at an early stage, using systematic online monitoring, for instance. On this basis, the interdisciplinary team of CeMAS develops counter-strategies and policy recommendations for both policymakers and civil society, and provides information to the media.

Pia Lamberty, Managing Director of CeMAS:
"Attacks on liberal democracies have increased in recent years - whether through disinformation, the massive spread of conspiracy narratives or right-wing extremist actors. CeMAS provides evidence-based insights into these phenomena in order to minimize the damage to anti-democratic and harmful influences as much as possible. Only by doing so can the massive challenges of our time be tackled at all. The funding from the Alfred Landecker Foundation now enables us to carry out and expand this work in the longer term.”

Silke Mülherr, Co-CEO of the Alfred Landecker Foundation:
"Within a short period of time, CeMAS has succeeded in becoming an instrumental player in the field of real-time monitoring of disinformation and the violation of human rights and democracy. The organization's expertise is receiving due recognition within civil society, among policymakers and in public reporting. With its important work, CeMAS makes a significant contribution to strengthening democratic discourse in Germany and Europe. We at the Alfred Landecker Foundation believe in the success of CeMAS and want to help the organization expand its work and take the next steps. We thank the entire CeMAS team for their dedication and look forward to continuing our fruitful and inspiring collaboration."

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