Statement on Israel

Berlin, 08/22/2023

The Foundation has formulated its basic position regarding current political developments in Israel:

Based on the commitment of the Alfred Landecker Foundation to honour the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, an absolute genocide,

to uphold human rights,

and to advocate for the preservation and deepening of democratic principles -

the Landecker Foundation takes the following position on the current situation in Israel:

The right of the State of Israel to exist is inviolable.

As a state and place of refuge for persecuted Jews, especially Holocaust survivors and their descendants, Israeli society requires the solidarity of the world community.

To fulfil its destiny while ensuring the security and well-being of its entire population, Israel needs to preserve and deepen its democracy. This means both safeguarding rule-of-law institutions and procedures and upholding human rights principles.

The diversity of Israeli population groups with their different origins and ideological orientations requires a recognition of minority rights - national and religious rights, and those of diverse minorities.

To secure long-term Jewish existence in the country and in the region, full inclusion of the state's Arab citizens is as necessary as a territorial and institutional settlement with the Palestinians.

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