Digital Democratic Ukraine
Creating a digital platform to maintain Ukraine’s democratic & independent statehood

With the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and in an attempt to overturn Ukraine’s statehood and democratic system, millions of people have fled their homes, with no immediate hope of returning to their country.

As the war continues, the idea and foundation of a free, independent and democratic country needs to be sustained – especially when it will come to rebuilding its democracy in the post-war period.

The GMF wants to support Ukrainian civil society in co-creating a platform, the Digital Democratic Ukraine, in order to strengthen Ukrainian endeavours to rebuild a statehood currently being under attack. With its expertise, it will assist navigating through the evolution of the war, plausible next stages and possible policy responses. The platform will create a robust, digital infrastructure shaping a society that is located in- and outside of Ukraine.

GMF is uniquely positioned to create the user-centric software design of Digital Democratic Ukraine.

The Alfred Landecker Foundation supports GMF’s endeavour of setting the stage for this platform: the assessment and definition of target groups, evaluating the environment under which this platform will operate, creating the digital infrastructure as well as developing the projects structures.

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