On Hamas' current war against Israel

10/09/2023, 1 pm

In light of the terror that Hamas is inflicting on Israel, we as a foundation declare our absolute solidarity with the Israeli people. The Alfred Landecker Foundation is committed to the memory of the Holocaust and its victims. This commitment extends to the land of the survivors and their descendants. 

We remember the dead, hope for the speedy recovery of the injured and the timely release of the hostages. The massacres and kidnappings perpetrated by Hamas prove that the terrorists do not make any distinctions provided for in the law of war between the victims. Women, children and the elderly were specifically targeted. This is to be understood as the ultimate proof of barbarism. Israel has every right to defend itself. 

With massacres of helpless civilians reminiscent of the Islamic State's murderous rampages, Hamas is not only committing abhorrent crimes against Israelis, but also harming the Palestinians whose rights it claims to represent. Ultimately, this makes them nothing more than a compliant instrument in a regional showdown - specifically, mercenaries of the Iranian regime. 

How Hamas was able to cross the border into Israel unhindered and prepare this attack undetected is an important question that needs answering. The so-called "judicial reform" pursued by the current Israeli government has exposed internal conflicts, significantly weakened Israeli institutions, and thus invited Israel's enemies to challenge the frail Israeli society. But a full reckoning of this state failure will have to wait because the defence of the country and its citizens is now the top priority.

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