Keeping the past alive, taking responsibility in the present, and shaping a future we all want to live in: A themed week around International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

On January 27, the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust, the crimes of the Nazi regime are remembered in many places and in many ways. In the course of this, the declaration can be heard again and again that something comparable should "never happen again". But the danger is: if commemoration becomes an empty ritual that absolves everyone else of the responsibility to deal with the past on the following 364 days, we are entering dangerous grounds.  

The reality away from commemorative days like January 27 looks grim: Antisemitic slurs and physical attacks on Jews happen almost daily. Holocaust denial may be punishable in most European countries - but law enforcement leaves much to be desired, especially in the digital realm. This is not what we can mean when we say "Never again."

Remembering the victims of National Socialism is at the heart of the Alfred Landecker Foundation's work. We believe that a responsibility for the present and the future derives from this - namely, to make us aware of the possibilities we have as individuals to prevent the first steps that can bring democracies down.

So what happens in the remaining 364 days? What consequences are we willing to draw from history? And how does the memory of the crimes of the Nazi regime influence our lives in the here and now?

With the themed week #ReviveRemembrance, we reflect on the many approaches to remembering and their significance in the present with project partners from the Alfred Landecker community. As a foundation that seeks new ways to make the Nazi past relevant in the here and now and is committed to fighting antisemitism and group-based hatred in the present, we want to use the week before International Holocaust Remembrance Day to pause and reflect: How do we remember - and why?

The impressions of the themed week are collected here, with the following contributions:

Explore what we do

Confront the past

Combat antisemitism

Protect minorities

Strengthen democracy

Reinforce critical thinking

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