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The exponential spread of conspiracies, hate speech, extremism, incitement, and dis- and misinformation, mostly in the digital realm, poses an increasing threat to democracy and human rights globally. It is directly impacting elections, conflicts, marginalised communities and the broader health of public discourse.

To combat these threats to democracy, we are funding the third phase of the Digital Policy Lab (DPL) by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD).

Governments, regulators, civil society organisations, and technology companies are all grappling with the implications of the rapidly changing online environment. Nevertheless, a growing number of countries have introduced ambitious regulatory frameworks, such as the Digital Services Act (DSA) in the European Union or the Online Safety Act in the UK. Where new regulatory frameworks have been introduced, governments and regulators face the challenge of effectively implementing and enforcing these ambitious new polices. Without sufficient technological know-how, and evidence for what works online, democratic governments risk missing the opportunity to shape an internet which fosters democracy and protects human rights, rather than undermining them.

Given the cross-border and interoperable nature of the internet, coordination between likeminded liberal democratic countries is of utmost importance to mitigate online risks and avoid unnecessary regulatory divergence and jurisdictional challenges.

This is where the ISD comes in. ISD’s aim is to build a clear understanding of the challenges of extremism, hate and disinformation in the digital realm and facilitate action-oriented policy exchanges to inform effective, evidence-based responses.

Their DPL is an inter-governmental working group that brings together policymakers, legislators and regulators from 14 countries and the EU, alongside leading experts from civil society, academia and industry. The DPL’s mission is to optimise policy making and share approaches and lessons learned related to digital regulatory challenges across its transatlantic, trans-pacific network.

The Digital Policy Lab is:

  • Fostering inter-governmental exchange.
  • Providing policymakers with access to sector-leading expertise and research.
  • Deepening an international community of policy practice around key regulatory challenges in the digital policy space.
  • Identifying and mapping key transferrable elements of liberal democratic approaches to digital policy and regulation.

After two successful rounds, the DPL is moving to its third phase of operations - funded by the Alfred Landecker Foundation. The goal of this phase is to facilitate transformative policy efforts at an international level, deepen relationships between DPL members, and grow a strong community of digital policy practice.

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