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Leveraging a shared communication framework to protect democracies from disinformation

To protect our democratic societies, it is vital to advance tools to combat the forces of disinformation and influence operations. By using a cybersecurity approach, DISARM enables trained experts and activists to map, analyse and coordinate responses to threats arising from dis- and misinformation.

Recent crises have demonstrated that society is vulnerable to “alternative facts”, made-up versions of reality. The difficulty of many to differentiate truth and opinion from falsehood is exacerbated by insufficient digital media literacy and has proven especially dangerous ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Disinformation campaigns can be well-resourced by influential actors – in some instances, as is the case with the Russian government, they are used as a foreign policy hybrid warfare tool used to destabilise democratic societies. Plain misinformation can have a similar effect despite being uncoordinated.

To counter these threats, it is essential to advance cooperation through tools that enable a more effective understanding and countering of dis- and misinformation. DISARM - Disinformation Analysis and Risk Management seeks to do exactly this: creating a common language for disinformation defenders, enabling them to act on digital threats in a coordinated manner.

The Alfred Landecker Foundation supports Alliance4Europe to further develop and promote the Framework amongst others through:

  • Scaling the existing network to connect and support a wider, more diverse cohort of democracy defenders and facilitate coordination and cooperation amongst them.
  • Community growth, by providing DISARM tools of the Framework and convene training workshops to a wide range of users in the field.
  • Technical expansion of the development of the cybersecurity framework that responds to disinformation & influence operations.

Ensuring an open-source, independent and accessible governance structure that has strong checks and balances, thus allowing an increasing number of actors to rely on verified tools provided under the DISARM framework.

About our cooperation partner:
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Alliance4Europe is a non-profit pioneer providing digital intelligence for democracy, creating communities for action, and civic tech for impact. The DISARM framework is inspired by leading cybersecurity approaches and aims to enable the same level of quality when countering disinformation as is already commonplace in countering cyber threats such as hacking attempts and cyber-warfare. The DISARM Foundation was created as a housing vessel for the framework in order to ensure and preserve its accessibility and independence, and in order to enable a community led and stakeholder driven governance of the open-source framework that DISARM rests on.

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