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disinformation by

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The goal of the Disinformation Analysis and Risk Management (DISARM) Project with Alliance4Europe is to create a common language against disinformation, misinformation and influence operation .

The DISARM Framework applies cybersecurity approaches to the fight against disinformation. It provides those who defend against disinformation with a common language to share analysis and coordinate action. The DISARM team trains experts and activists working in the field of detecting and deciphering disinformation to label and share their analysis, and then to coordinate responses more strategically.

The Alfred Landecker Foundation supports Alliance4Europe to further develop and promote the DISARM Framework.

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Alliance4Europe is a nonprofit pioneer providing digital intelligence for democracy, creating communities for action, and civic tech for impact. The DISARM Foundation was created in order to enable a community led and stakeholder driven governance of the open-source framework that DISARM rests upon. The DISARM Framework, originally created by SJ Terp and Dr. Pablo Breuer, itself enables counter disinformation actors to coordinate efficiently and effectively by allowing them to communicate through a shared language and understanding of how malicious malign actors attempt to spread false narratives and information.
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What to do with disinformation mercenaries?

What to do with disinformation mercenaries? by Omri Preiss

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Introducing DISARM - Disinformation Analysis and Risk Management

Introducing DISARM Foundation: Leveraging a shared communication framework to combat disinformation.

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