Close the Gap

Securing Women’s Voices in Politics 

Countering the challenges

of digital violence

against politically active women

Countering the challenges

of digital violence against

politically active women


More and more politically active women are the target of digital violence.

This has significant consequences for democracy. The project "Close the Gap: Securing Women's Voices in Politics" is therefore countering these developments by conducting research, influencing policy and providing support and advice.

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HateAid gGmbH has been offering victims of digital violence a platform and contact point since 2018. A team of experts offers advice and expertise on technical, administrative, and personal issues related to digital violence via chat, email, or in personal conversations. The organization supports those affected financially in enforcing the law and thus creates awareness and the foundations for effective protection of those affected, the punishment of crimes and the responsibility of social platforms. Initiated by the civil society organizations Campact e. V. and Fearless Democracy and headed by Anna-Lena von Hodenberg and Josephine Ballon, HateAid follows the principle of solidarity: victims who successfully take action against hate with HateAid and win monetary compensation donate it back to HateAid. The money flows back in full into the funding of legal costs. In this way, the community is helping to effectively close the current gap in law enforcement and increase legal pressure on companies like Facebook and X (formerly Twitter).
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