"What does it have to do with me?" - an exhibition






The multimedial and interactive permanent exhibition "What does that have to do with me?" at the MARCHIVUM recounts the historical development in Mannheim during the Nazi dictatorship.

For many years, the Mannheim City Archive has made it its mission to commemorate National Socialism and its victims. By naming a seminar room after Alfred Landecker, his fate is also being commemorated. Landecker, for whom the Foundation is named, was a citizen of Mannheim and exemplifies many German-Jewish biographies during the Nazi regime.

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The MARCHIVUM is Mannheim's archive, a house of the city's history and of remembrance. It emerged from the municipal archive Mannheim - Institute for Urban History 2018. This name expresses the institution's self-conception, which is both committed to its tradition and open to new developments.

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Introducing MARCHIVUM

Introducing MARCHIVUM: Multimedia and interactive commemoration in Alfred Landecker's hometown Mannheim.

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