Political Art at Landecker

Immediacy and accountability on Canvas - should art be political?

Art as an impactful tool

to reflect and

and remember

Art as an

impactful tool

to reflect and

and remember


Art serves as a powerful tool for historic remembrance, transcending the boundaries of time and allowing us to connect with past events and narratives in a profound way.

Paintings, sculptures, literature, music, and film can capture the essence of historical moments, preserving them for future generations. It enables us to delve into the human experiences of the past, shedding light on the struggles and complexities of history.

When we moved into our premises in 2020 the walls stayed empty during the pandemic. As the world slowly came back to live, we also wanted to breathe some life into our four walls, and decided to look for art whose topic correspond to those of our foundation.

Learn more about the artists and the art pieces that temporarily adorn our walls.

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Political Art on Canvas

Emmanuel Bornstein: Yes, Chaos! and Another Heavenly Day

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