The Landecker-Hillel Leadership and Empowerment Program

Elevating Jewish voices in Germany

A strong democracy thrives on young people who get involved and shape it. The goal of the cooperation with the organization Hillel Deutschland e.V. is to equip young Jews in Germany with tools to strengthen a pluralistic Jewish community and to bring their perspectives and issues into society at large.

The Alfred Landecker Foundation supports Hillel Deutschland’s Leadership and Empowerment Program. Through various activities and programs, young people from diverse Jewish backgrounds will be given the opportunity to reimagine Jewish continuity in Germany and learn how to be a strong voice within society.

With the help of trainings and events they develop tools to become more publicly involved concerning matters of the Jewish community as well as in the overall fight for democratic values within our society.

The Leadership and Empowerment Program is based on three core pillars:

1. Landecker-Hillel Action Fellowship

The Fellowship offers students and/or young professionals between the age of 22-30 years over the course of 18 months the opportunity to create social action programming, assist with project implementation, and activate volunteers around Germany under the guidance of Hillel’s Director of Leadership and Engagement.

2. Landecker-Hillel Leadership Incubator

This Incubator is a bonded cohort of young Jewish leaders with vision and drive to take over Jewish communal leadership, understanding the direct impact they can have on making our existing Jewish communities and German society stronger, more pluralistic and inclusive. The Leadership Incubator will take place over a ten-month period, with an initial cohort of 10 people. Seminars will include sessions on leadership training, Jewish education, identity development, project building, and program design.

3. Landecker-Hillel Jewish Civic Leadership Summit

The purpose of this annual seminar is to provide a platform for young Jews to discuss issues of identity, pressing social issues, and concerns about the viability of a safe and thriving Jewish life in Germany.

About Hillel Deutschland e.V.
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Hillel Deutschland e.V. is built on a concept of a pluralistic Jewish community. The objective is to create a space where young Jews between the ages of 18 and 35 – regardless of their religious, cultural and other backgrounds and identities – can come together. It’s a place that fosters Jewish culture and religion, activism, education, coalition building and advocacy.

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