The Reimann family Foundation, previously known as the Benckiser Stiftung Zukunft, is changing its name to the Alfred Landecker Foundation and redirecting its purpose.

Like many German Jews, Alfred Landecker was deported eastward in 1942 and died there at the hands of Germans. The story of the Reimann family, whose ancestors were Nazi supporters, is tragically and intimately intertwined with that of Alfred Landecker. From now on, the Foundation and its mission will explicitly refer to the life and fate of Alfred Landecker as its moral reference. By taking his name, it will not only preserve his memory, but also memorialize the murder of millions of Jews and other victims of National Socialism.

The Foundation is committed to researching and remembering the Holocaust, and to drawing the lessons and consequences from the collapse of European civilization during World War II – a collapse that began in Germany in 1933.

It will seek to raise awareness of the Holocaust and support and promote projects in research and education, designed to uphold the memory of all the victims of the Nazis. The intention is to strengthen our capacity to recognize the beginnings of such hatred and resist a repeat of such appalling events.

We believe that a strong understanding of the destructive violence that made the unspeakable and historically unique Holocaust possible is critical to guaranteeing our democracies. The Alfred Landecker Foundation defends democratic values and the inviolable dignity of the individual.

All people should have the right to live without fear, persecution and suffering. We must combat prejudice and intolerance in all their many forms. The past teaches us that defending these values and rights, and the institutions that uphold them, must be the obligation of both governments and citizens.

The Foundation wants to secure the future of our democratic society. Looking to the future, we aim to promote projects and endeavors that strengthen those values and beliefs in Europe and honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and of Nazi terror.